Angel Celebration Presents: Glory & Grace. Fill yourself with Love and Light with Maryrose Connolly.

Angel Celebration Presents: Glory & Grace. Fill yourself with Love and Light with Maryrose Connolly.

Angel Celebration Presents: Glory & Grace. Fill yourself with Love and Light with Maryrose Connolly.

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Denise Hagan
Denise Hagan Inspirational Artist and Performer
Mary Rose is an amazing gift to us all. Her light shines in many ways but her ability to teach is exceptional, this is her great gift to life. Her light hearted approach to life on earth enables her to deliver this deep knowledge of the Ascended Masters in way we can all understand. This woman walks her talk too and she out pictures the joy and truth that flows from living the ancient knowledge of the Ascended Realms. Mary Rose is a beautiful, gifted teacher and if you get the chance to connect with her...don't miss it!

Christine Mooney Complementary Therapist
Friendship is what gets you through the bad times and helps you to enjoy the good times. I am truly Blessed to have Mary Rose Connolly as my friend. I met Mary several years ago at Action Cancer and our shared love of complementary therapy formed the basis of a lasting friendship. Mary is an inspiration, a confidante and a teacher to me, as well as being a wonderful uplifting soul with a fantastic sense of humour. Mary's wisdom, love and dedication to furthering the work of Spirit has helped me along my Spiritual Path and I will always be thankful for that.

With love and gratitude.

Children of Malawi
Children of Malawi
We are overwhelmed by the generosity from everyone involved in the Glory & Grace Angel Day events. We very much appreciate your kindness and concern for the children of Malawi.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Life for children is very difficult because of recurrent food shortages and the prevalence of malaria and HIV/AIDS. There are many orphans in the country. Children suffering from disabilities are particularly disadvantaged. This project seeks to help some of the most vulnerable in the North of the country in three ways:

Children's Ward, Ekwendeni Hospital. This hospital serves tens of thousands of people in a remote rural area. The children's ward is always crowded with very sick children. Malaria is still a major killer. Basic medicines are sometimes unavailable There are often babies whose mothers have died of Aids and who need formula milk. The local people are very poor but gifts from overseas will help ensure that the children will receive the food and medicine they need.

Ekwendeni Special Needs Unit. There is practically no educational provision for Special Needs Children in Malawi. A unit has been opened at Ekwendeni Primary School. A small building has been renovated and a trained teacher employed. They now need basic furnishings and equipment.

Karonga Deaf School. Little account is taken of the needs of deaf children throughout Malawi. A small boarding school has just been open in the remote North with thirty pupils enrolled so far. Money is needed to provide educational materials, food, beds and mattresses for the pupils.

For further information please contact Ruth and Jim Campbell 028 9070 9113.

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